L.A. a la Cart

What A&E’s INTERVENTION has done to help destigmatize addiction, LA a la CART will do to the homeless problem in America. This hard-hitting and transformative Reality TV docudrama series was created by a former homeless man himself, and is based on the idea that with helping hands from people diving into the nitty-gritty of Skid Row as well as help from the right Organizations and programs, the nationwide homeless epidemic can be fixed, one homeless person at a time.



One of the fastest growing communities in Los Angeles is the homeless population. An estimated 82,000 people are currently living homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.  Richard Asperger, formerly homeless in L.A. himself, created the series L.A. a la CART to address this problem, revisiting unseemly places to help find people that are ready to take advantage of opportunities and bring themselves to a better place in their lives through recovery, education, and job training.

During the course of this show, we will comb the devastating tent-lined portion of Skid Row where we will meet homeless men and women and look at the challenges they face with life on the streets. Each episode we will offer two homeless people an alternative to get off the streets. Each of these two homeless people will have a celebrity mentor to help support them in their fight against recidivism.

The team of experts that we’ve assembled will help our featured homeless people in their transition to a life off the streets. The team includes: Dr. Martin Lippert, PhD, a psychologist specializing in PTSD; Larry Larson, a criminal attorney, responsible for expunging legal records; Brian Wolfe, a private investigator, successful at reuniting families back together; and finally Cary Nadler from Valley Lodge Home which will provide job assistance and transitional living. Throughout a six-month period, we will check back in with each person and see how they are responding to the plan of action our team has set in place. This show will change the way the world views homelessness. Join us on their journey to recovery and transformation.