• One Last Chance

    One Last Chance

    ONE LAST CHANCE is a millennial love triangle about Jason who is in love with Ariana who also loves Jason’s brother Jordan. When Jason finds out that Ariana and Jordan…


  • Somewhere Over That Rainbow

    Somewhere Over That Rainbow

    SOMEWHERE OVER THAT RAINBOW is a beautiful film from Australia, reminiscent of the hit movie CALL ME BY YOUR NAME where it’s revealed that not only is coming out hard,…


  • Little Hero

    Little Hero

    LITTLE HERO is about a young boy's quest to save his father from an ancient monster. When BAYU finds a sword, he accidentally awakens the giant evil Asura who turns…


  • American Lions

    American Lions

    AMERICAN LIONS is a modern day GOODFELLAS set in Miami about Rudy, a young father and aspiring mob enforcer, who befriends a veteran member of his uncle's crew only to…


  • Loves Park

    Loves Park

    Reminiscent of John Krasinki’s AWAY WE GO, Edie is newly married and newly pregnant, and she is lost and confused. Then, when her father-in-law abruptly passes away, Edie and her…


  • Flea


    With the magical tone of Robin William’s HOOK, the movie FLEA takes on the hard subject of children from dysfunctional families with a storybook feel. Flea is a mysteriously mute,…


  • Yesterday’s Girl

    Yesterday’s Girl

    In a dystopian future world setting like HUNGER GAMES, Yesterdays Girl is a SciFi Thriller that tells the story of a murdered woman who awakens to an Earth devastated by…


  • Moomins and the Winter Wonderland

    Moomins and the Winter Wonderland

    Oscar Winner Alicia Vikander as Little My and Sorry-oo and Stellan Skarsgård as Moomin Papa and the storyteller   MOOMINS the loved worldwide brand comes to the big screen this Christmas 2017…


  • Troll


    TROLL, from the animators and designers who brought you Shrek and Madagascar, is an adventure of a different size. The troll prince Trym has only two days to save his…


  • Axel: Adventures of the Spacekids

    Axel: Adventures of the Spacekids

    AXEL: ADVENTURES OF THE SPACEKIDS IS AVATAR FOR KIDS. The once beautiful and lush Planet Keplar is now dry and near death after its precocious Kar-Lalo plant was exploited by Earthers…


  • 5th Dimension

    5th Dimension

    The 5th DIMENSION is 2018's SciFi PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Doctoral physicist students arrive at Montauk Air Force Base to prove time travel theories by Tesla, and uncover CIA experiments like MK…


  • Escape Room

    Escape Room

    Reminiscent of SAW with only 60 minutes to escape or die. A room. A puzzle. A killer and only one way to survive. In ESCAPE ROOM, four friends decide to…


  • Do You See Me

    Do You See Me

    As we've seen with the popularity of Stephen King's IT, the world is scared by creepy clowns, and in this same vein DO YOU SEE ME takes everyday horror to…


  • 75


    “75” is the best present day movie about heroin since TRAINSPOTTING. Interstate 75 is a central distribution artery of heroin making Cincinnati the second highest overdose capital in America. ​In…


  • Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey

    Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey

    The movie ULYSSES has elements of Bruce Willis' THE FIFTH ELEMENT and Guillermo Del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTHE. Danny Glover stars with Udo Kier. The film is about Ulysses, a wounded…


  • The Plan

    The Plan

    THE PLAN is PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in an Italian castle. Five college friends travel to a reunion in a castle. The local legend says the queen of the castle, Johanna of…


  • Sorceress


    Sorceress has been compared to the award-winning Swedish horror film "Let the Right One In". This is a beautiful, haunting story about Nina who desperately longs for someone to share…


  • Revenge


    In the vein of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Brave One with Jodie Foster, Revenge is the hot female vengeance film of 2017. Anna is drugged and…


  • The Spirit Chaser

    The Spirit Chaser

    THE SPIRIT CHASER is as scary as the original BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Set in Northern Italy's most spellbinding locations, British Dylan buys a camera to record his girlfriend Elena on…


  • Moomin And Midsummer Madness

    Moomin And Midsummer Madness

    A tranquil day in the Moomin Valley is interrupted by a volcanic eruption and its ensuing flood. Luckily the Moomin family finds refuge in a floating theatre house. To pass…


  • Astro


    Similar to the hit movie STARMAN, a classic ​sci​-​fi action thriller detailing the aftermath of an alien coming to Earth, ASTRO is about an eccentric billionaire's private spacecraft that returns…


  • The Woman In the Red Dress

    The Woman In the Red Dress

    With the heartfelt desperation of TAKEN and the revenge of JOHN WICK, THE WOMAN IN THE RED DRESS is an adrenaline rush of action. When a MMA fighter falls in…


  • If Dad Only Knew

    If Dad Only Knew

    CASTLE'S Nathan Fillion stars in this family comedy, IF DAD ONLY KNEW. A Chicago architect wrestles with the prospect of coming out to his Irish-Catholic brothers following the death of…


  • Evidence


    EVIDENCE has the tension of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and the action of CLOVERFIELD, taking the audience on a rollercoaster ride of fear documented in found footage that was recently re-mastered. EVIDENCE…


  • Engrams


    Like Jim Carrey’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Engrams is a wild, fun trip that delves into the human mind and our complex emotions by examining a young scientist…


  • Alfa Maschi

    Alfa Maschi

    Like the Sopranos or an Australian Goodfellas, ALFA MASCHI is an intense, poignant look at Gallo, the college educated nephew of the psychopathic Don, Uncle Julius, as he quickly rises…


  • Moomins and the Comet Chase

    Moomins and the Comet Chase

    More adventures for Moomintroll and friends! Strange dust covers the Moominvalley, and Mr. Muskrat declares to Moomintroll that the sky is falling. Moomintroll and his friends start on a trek…


  • The Little Traitor

    The Little Traitor

    Alfred Molina stars in this award-winning feature THE LITTLE TRAITOR and had a successful limited release theatrical run. The film was written and directed by Lynn Roth and focuses on a…


  • Dirty Back Seat

    Dirty Back Seat

    A London cabbie gets his world turned upside down when a mysterious woman who is running away from a heist gone bad gets into his cab. A London Cabbie falls…


  • Blessid


    BLESSID is an award-winning supernatural thriller about Sarah, a suicidal pregnant woman with a cursed past, who forms a bond with her neighbor Jedediah. When Sarah discovers that Jedediah is…