Portfolio Category: Reality

Blue Goose

blue goose (blu’ goo-se) – slang term: the nickname given to the Michigan State Police squad car due to its unique color KEYS TO THE BLUE GOOSE is an hour long, 14 episode television reality / documentary series showcasing the 122nd recruit school of the Michigan State Police academy.  Known as one of the toughest police…
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On Duty

Like the extremely popular COPS that followed policemen into harrowing situations, ON DUTY is a fast-paced, hardcore reality show that shadows the heroic firemen of the Santa Barbara Fire Department. With the innovative Helmet Cams the viewer is put right into the dangerous action as these brave firefighters risk their lives in the line of…
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International Chef Exchange

International Chef Exchange is the opposite of Hell’s Kitchen. This gastronomic world tour is friendly and fun as a leading food critic from Britain takes the viewer on a tour of great kitchens across Europe. International Chef Exchange (ICEx) takes two chefs out of their own kitchens and makes them swap countries and restaurants for…
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