• Blue Goose

    Blue Goose

    blue goose (blu’ goo-se) – slang term: the nickname given to the Michigan State Police squad car due to its unique color KEYS TO THE BLUE GOOSE is an hour long,…


  • On Duty

    On Duty

    Like the extremely popular COPS that followed policemen into harrowing situations, ON DUTY is a fast-paced, hardcore reality show that shadows the heroic firemen of the Santa Barbara Fire Department.…


  • International Chef Exchange

    International Chef Exchange

    International Chef Exchange is the opposite of Hell’s Kitchen. This gastronomic world tour is friendly and fun as a leading food critic from Britain takes the viewer on a tour…


  • Krusing America

    Krusing America



  • Bored Gamers

    Bored Gamers

    What MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 did to bad movies, BORED GAMERS is doing to all things gaming; as the hosts have fun as they examine the popular worlds of video…


  • L.A. a la Cart

    L.A. a la Cart

    What A&E’s INTERVENTION has done to help destigmatize addiction, LA a la CART will do to the homeless problem in America. This hard-hitting and transformative Reality TV docudrama series was…


  • Fine Tuned

    Fine Tuned

    Fast & Furious meets Extreme Makeover. If you want to be part of this hot car lifestyle, you call the Fine Tuned team to modify and build your dream car.…


  • Eco Warriors

    Eco Warriors

    "Young people confronting one of the great global challenges of our time, saving rainforests and orangutans in Borneo."     Synopsis Jojo and Juvi, two orphaned baby orangutans, are entrusted…


  • Ford GT

    Ford GT

    Ford GT, An American Icon is a new, original multi-episode nationally televised program series. This unique series takes an in-depth look at one of the most revered American sports in…


  • Mind Works

    Mind Works

    Mindworks explores how we think and see by playing games with our brains. This factual entertainment series explores the way we see and interpret the world around us with engaging…


  • Corvette Nation

    Corvette Nation

    This unique series takes a look at one of the most recognized, popular and sought-after American High-Performance Automobiles ever produced, The Chevrolet Corvette. Celebrating its 60th Anniversary, the Corvette has…


  • Adventures in Paradise

    Adventures in Paradise

    LIVE THE DREAM with Adventures in Paradise. This fun reality show is Survivor meets Jacques Cousteau meets Baywatch, a ocean-based drama that will introduce views to our magical undersea world…