• Astro


    Similar to the hit movie STARMAN, a classic ​sci​-​fi action thriller detailing the aftermath of an alien coming to Earth, ASTRO is about an eccentric billionaire's private spacecraft that returns…


  • Divinity


    Angels and Demons who covertly live amongst humanity


  • Ximphonic Versus

    Ximphonic Versus

    A mix of the animated FINAL FANTASY and LORD OF THE RINGS with a GAME OF THRONES aesthetic, XIMPHONIC VERSES is about a contemporary and gothic world ruled by Victorian…


  • Star Force 6

    Star Force 6

    STARFORCE 6 is reminiscent of the fun and action of The Incredibles mixed with Ben 10. STARFORCE 6 is the story of six kids from the Planet Terra who are…


  • Black Alpha

    Black Alpha

    Step aside Iron Man and Captain America and say hello to BLACK ALPHA the new superhero TV series from former Marvel Comics artist Tom Rasch. With a touch of BATMAN…


  • Apollo Rex

    Apollo Rex

    Apollo Rex is an epic journey. Like the infamous STAR TREK it is a television series that takes the audience with our hero throughout the galaxy in search of the…