• Alfie Boe On The Wheels of a Dream

    Alfie Boe On The Wheels of a Dream

    This film showcases his tremendous musical range as he traverses the musical genres from opera to musical theatre to contemporary rock


  • Code 9

    Code 9

    a unique inside look at the mental effects of everyday service on our Police Officers.


  • Monsters Wanted

    Monsters Wanted

    Like the documentary “Never Sleep Again” about the inspiration behind “Nightmare on Elm Street,” this fun and scary feature presents an in-depth look behind a terrifying haunted house attraction in…


  • Himalayan Odyssey

    Himalayan Odyssey

    Himalayan Odyssey maps the extraordinary journey of seven pilots as they attempt to create a world record by flying the Himalayas with paragliders. In the first of its kind expedition,…


  • Eco Warriors

    Eco Warriors

    "Young people confronting one of the great global challenges of our time, saving rainforests and orangutans in Borneo."     Synopsis Jojo and Juvi, two orphaned baby orangutans, are entrusted…


  • Batoor A Refugee Odyssey

    Batoor A Refugee Odyssey

    Barat Ali Batoor was Afghanistan's most esteemed photographer, working for the United States Embassy in Kabul. But all of this changed in 2011 when the Washington Post published his potent…


  • Lessons of Basketball and War

    Lessons of Basketball and War

    "Lessons of Basketball and War" is a heartfelt documentary that deals with the ever-so-powerful and sensitive issues of racism, prejudice, and bullying. It proves that if there is a will…


  • Mind Works

    Mind Works

    Mindworks explores how we think and see by playing games with our brains. This factual entertainment series explores the way we see and interpret the world around us with engaging…


  • Elite Choppers

    Elite Choppers

    The award-winning Elite Choppers is an exciting, in-depth examination into the lethal machines and the men who serve the modern attack helicopter. In today's high-tech military world, the attack helicopter…


  • Soldiers of Paint

    Soldiers of Paint

    Join 5,000 participants as they restage D-Day, the notorious 6th of June invasion of Normandy. Instead of bullets, it's paintball; instead of the French coast, it's Oklahoma. And, every year,…


  • Mad About English

    Mad About English

    Have you ever seen 10,000 students learning English from one teacher - all at the same time? Have you ever met a detective whose mission impossible is to arrest bad…