• Paradise Inc.

    Paradise Inc.

    PARADISE INC. is ​CASTLE​ meets ​BURN NOTICE​ a private-eye action series set in the bikini-thonged beaches and pulsating streets of Miami. When enigmatic billionaire Hubert Humbolt pairs Sean Franklin, a…


  • Blue Goose

    Blue Goose

    blue goose (blu’ goo-se) – slang term: the nickname given to the Michigan State Police squad car due to its unique color KEYS TO THE BLUE GOOSE is an hour long,…


  • Ximphonic Versus

    Ximphonic Versus

    A mix of the animated FINAL FANTASY and LORD OF THE RINGS with a GAME OF THRONES aesthetic, XIMPHONIC VERSES is about a contemporary and gothic world ruled by Victorian…


  • Eco Warriors

    Eco Warriors

    "Young people confronting one of the great global challenges of our time, saving rainforests and orangutans in Borneo."     Synopsis Jojo and Juvi, two orphaned baby orangutans, are entrusted…


  • Adventures in Paradise

    Adventures in Paradise

    LIVE THE DREAM with Adventures in Paradise. This fun reality show is Survivor meets Jacques Cousteau meets Baywatch, a ocean-based drama that will introduce views to our magical undersea world…