Ricky Rocket

RICKY ROCKET AND THE ROCKET RANGERS is reminiscent of an animated GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY with more inept heroes. When the universe is facing obliteration from a horde of RapTERRORS, fear not, for your greatest heroes are here... Ricky Rocket and his cohorts. Join this error-prone band, fresh from the Galactic Academy of Protection Services, as they fumble their way through misadventures. They might just be crazy (and lucky) enough to save the day.


Fresh out of the Galactic Academy of Protection and Security (G.A.P.S.), Ricky "Rocket" O'Reilly is determined to make a name for himself, unlucky for him; his ineptitude doesn't exactly bode well for him and those around him.

After an event on his first day on duty, Ricky botches an impromptu raid on a condo tower which resulted in the loss of Police Chief William "Norse Nightmare" Wanstrom’s wife, famed Galactic Opera singer, Volga Wanstrom. Normally, Ricky and his band of misfits, the Rocket Rangers, would have been drummed out of the force, but based on the scores his team racked up in training, the Chief has decided to keep them on the force, but, he sends them to the far side of the universe to a dust-ball planet called Tombstone where they cannot cause anyone harm.
Unlucky, or lucky for the universe, Ricky Rocket and the Rocket Rangers have become the last, best hope against a tyrannical alien horde known as the RapTERRORs, and they may not be the evilest of evil in the universe.

Ricky Rocket is joined by his gallant band of misfits, Brick, Splotch, Pittsburgh, Mermoria and the always showing up at the right time, to save Ricky’s bacon, Space Pirate/Mercenary Oryon Bhelt and her beastly co-pilot, Flynn. Together, they will unite to save the universe from the RapTERRORs, and their grotesque emperor, the Conquering Worm.

The wild frontiers of deep space are about to become a little wackier.

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