Portfolio Category: Sci-Fi


Similar to the hit movie STARMAN, a classic ​sci​-​fi action thriller detailing the aftermath of an alien coming to Earth, ASTRO is about an eccentric billionaire's private spacecraft that returns to Earth with an abducted extraterrestrial. When the billionaire and his scientists discover that former Special Forces soldier Jack Adams has the same DNA as…
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Ximphonic Versus

A mix of the animated FINAL FANTASY and LORD OF THE RINGS with a GAME OF THRONES aesthetic, XIMPHONIC VERSES is about a contemporary and gothic world ruled by Victorian Dynasties, Modern City Kingdom's, Magical Beings and Mystical Swords Of Power as a prince seeks to reclaim his throne though he has to make a…
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Star Force 6

STARFORCE 6 is reminiscent of the fun and action of The Incredibles mixed with Ben 10. STARFORCE 6 is the story of six kids from the Planet Terra who are Earth's first superheroes. When Count Zenith's enemy spaceships attack the kids' escape vessel, it sends them through a hole in the space / time continuum…
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