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Sorceress has been compared to the award-winning Swedish horror film "Let the Right One In". This is a beautiful, haunting story about Nina who desperately longs for someone to share her secrets with. But will love be enough to break the dark forces of sorcery lying dormant in her family for generations?   SYNOPSIS Sorceress…
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Dirty Back Seat

A London cabbie gets his world turned upside down when a mysterious woman who is running away from a heist gone bad gets into his cab. A London Cabbie falls in love with his passenger that happens to be a criminal on the run.     Synopsis   A cynical taxi driver named Bruce Briscoe…
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The Maid

The Maid is an emotionally intriguing romance about Jack, an angry and resentful boy, returning to England to celebrate his 18th birthday with his estranged father David. When Jack meets Maria, David's maid, who also is emotionally distant due to the abandonment of her only child, their friendship blossoms as they learn to love again…
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