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Exotic Wishes

If PAWN STARS traveled the world, EXOTIC WISHES would be that reality show. This is a fun, adventurous series about a shop in Los Angeles of exotic artifacts where the rich and famous place their orders to buy rare items from the farthest places on the planet. Then the show follows three buyers as they…
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International Chef Exchange

International Chef Exchange is the opposite of Hell’s Kitchen. This gastronomic world tour is friendly and fun as a leading food critic from Britain takes the viewer on a tour of great kitchens across Europe. International Chef Exchange (ICEx) takes two chefs out of their own kitchens and makes them swap countries and restaurants for…
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Bored Gamers

What MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 did to bad movies, BORED GAMERS is doing to all things gaming; as the hosts have fun as they examine the popular worlds of video and adult board games. In Bored Gamers every show is an adventure of nonsense as the arrested adolescent hosts debate and review games, challenge guests…
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