Portfolio Category: Horror

The Spirit Chaser

THE SPIRIT CHASER is as scary as the original BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Set in Northern Italy's most spellbinding locations, British Dylan buys a camera to record his girlfriend Elena on their vacation. Dylan’s friend Mike loses a big bet in a poker game, but Mike can get his money back if he stays 24 hours…
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If you love zombie movies, you will love this film. Overtime, stars celebrity and professional wrestler, Al Snow, in this cross between Resident Evil and Big Trouble in Little China with some Pulp Fiction and From Dusk 'til Dawn thrown in. Raph and Max only kill bad guys. When Sam sends our heroes on a…
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Black Water Wilderness

What happens when you mix Deliverance with Friday the 13th and a touch of the Breakfast Club, the result is Black Water Wilderness, a pulsating pounding action horror set in the frightening and dark backwoods of Alabama. Going camping in the woods will never be the same. Synopsis Art imitates life when a high school…
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