Portfolio Category: Drama

The Route

This hard-hitting film is about human trafficking. After her father's death, 17-year-old girl frustrated with her small town poverty starts a journey to the big city to find prosperity. In Kempala she discovers love and peace, but when she is kidnapped and shipped far away, she becomes another statistic in the brutal sex trade world. Synopsis…
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Los Traficantes

An award-winning film based on the true story of Esteban Mendoza. Los Traficantes dramatically reveals how Esteban, the former leader of a Tijuana drug cartel, found his faith and redemption while serving a 33-year sentence inside La Mesa Federal Prison, the most corrupt prison in all of Mexico. Los Traficantes won the "People's Choice" Award at…
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Straight From The Hood

With the same intensity of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON and END OF WATCH, STRAIGHT FROM THE HOOD is a hard-hitting story about lifelong Black and Hispanic friends who become divided. Families conflict with racial tension within this intense inner-city drama depicting the lives of friends who become enemies within the gang subculture of Los Angeles. STRAIGHT…
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