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Clever Girl

With the hard-hitting realism of the popular podcast SERIAL, and in the bloody vein of DEXTER, CLEVER GIRL makes murder seem normal. IT IS NOT. In Season One of CLEVER GIRL we join Denise, a young journalist in the suburbs, who falls in love with a serial killer. As murder becomes their turn on and…
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Blue Goose

blue goose (blu’ goo-se) – slang term: the nickname given to the Michigan State Police squad car due to its unique color KEYS TO THE BLUE GOOSE is an hour long, 14 episode television reality / documentary series showcasing the 122nd recruit school of the Michigan State Police academy.  Known as one of the toughest police…
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In the hoods of Los Angeles, nobody parties for free. Crew$ takes the audience into the real world of the fast and furious crowd.  Crew$ is a series about the underground party crew movement that swept the West Coast, as Latin teenagers launched an underage party movement that spread like wild fire, burning all those…
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