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The Woman In the Red Dress

With the heartfelt desperation of TAKEN and the revenge of JOHN WICK, THE WOMAN IN THE RED DRESS is an adrenaline rush of action. When a MMA fighter falls in love with a beautiful woman, and an evil man kills her out of anger, nothing will stop our hero from avenging her death. Synopsis: Calvert…
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Alfa Maschi

Like the Sopranos or an Australian Goodfellas, ALFA MASCHI is an intense, poignant look at Gallo, the college educated nephew of the psychopathic Don, Uncle Julius, as he quickly rises up to become a made man only to realize that he wants his freedom from his uncle and organized crime. This multi-layered mafia film; at…
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Los Traficantes

An award-winning film based on the true story of Esteban Mendoza. Los Traficantes dramatically reveals how Esteban, the former leader of a Tijuana drug cartel, found his faith and redemption while serving a 33-year sentence inside La Mesa Federal Prison, the most corrupt prison in all of Mexico. Los Traficantes¬†won the "People's Choice" Award at…
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