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Stones From The Desert

Using money collected from a summer of purse snatching at the local amusement park, three friends embark on a dream trip to the danger-filled Middle East. Simon, one of our heroes, is quick to fall in love with Duha, another man's wife. After the two lovers are caught kissing, Duha is sentenced to death by…
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Worth The Price

Reminiscent of Liam Neeson's TAKEN, Jake Williams played by Michael Copon, of ONE TREE HILL and the POWER RANGERS, is an ex-Navy Seal forced to save his sister, the last family member he has left. In this hot action-adventure, Jake will stop at nothing to rescue her from her abductors, and he will exact revenge…
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Straight From The Hood

With the same intensity of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON and END OF WATCH, STRAIGHT FROM THE HOOD is a hard-hitting story about lifelong Black and Hispanic friends who become divided. Families conflict with racial tension within this intense inner-city drama depicting the lives of friends who become enemies within the gang subculture of Los Angeles. STRAIGHT…
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