Ximphonic Versus

A mix of the animated FINAL FANTASY and LORD OF THE RINGS with a GAME OF THRONES aesthetic, XIMPHONIC VERSES is about a contemporary and gothic world ruled by Victorian Dynasties, Modern City Kingdom's, Magical Beings and Mystical Swords Of Power as a prince seeks to reclaim his throne though he has to make a hard choice between two evil's and the woman he loves.



On a historic day during the 800-year war, a peace treaty signing is set to take place in the imperial province of Glass ending a long and bitter war between the Kingdom of Honorum'Idola and the Countith'alyian Dynasty. Our main protagonist Addonnis Neos Latrunculus, is the heir apparent to the Lucem-Duodecim throne having gained magical powers from Vero a deity of-Death and Beauty during his near death experience at birth. Addonnis' divine power allows him to behold "Celestial Light." Having recently buried his beloved wife, he sets forth from his homeland to witness this union of peace. It is here Addonnis meets Lunafryst Soir-Florentissima, a Princess of the Glass Kingdom who also shares his rare ability to behold "Celestial Light."

The truce, however, was a ruse, and the imperial enemy armies launched a full-scale invasion of the Glass kingdom, capturing its sacred power for themselves. Unknown to Addonnis his homeland is under attack, and the crown city has fallen to a "Heretic Order."

Seemingly overnight the peace so long sought has become a distant memory as Addonnis and Lunafryst witness their world crumbling around them. And Vero's mysterious power draws them to the same tragedy. Addonnis has n0 a choice but to face the two evil paths laid before his feet, as he struggles for the Crystal-Swords and to reclaim his throne. Unbeknownst to Addonnis an ancient Evil has arisen once again seeking the power held within the last swords. If this darkness succeeds It will become the last dominant power, claiming the "Light And Devouring The Stars." For whomever shall possess the Crystal-Swords will capture the last true Throne Of Kings.