Voice Of The Wolf

Thirty years ago in a central Italian province, baby Nico screams and struggles as he is having his foot branded with three crosses as his mother Eleonora holds him down. There is a howl from outside. A man guards the door with a rifle. As Nico cries, the door is shaken in its hinges. That thing outside is trying to get in.

Voice of the Wolf is a horror/thriller set in a central Italian province starring Christopher Lambert (Mortal Kombat, Highlander), former Bond girl Maria Grazia Cucinotta (The World Is Not Enough, Il Postino), and Marianna Di Martino (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.).

The movie takes place in present day as Nico, now a suspended cop due to his violent past, returns home to visit his dying mother. Nico has never known his father, and he left town due to the resentment he had towards his mother for keeping the family secrets.

In the hospital, Nico is reunited with old girlfriend Alba, and fellow police friend Andrea. Though they both are resentful for Nico for missing the last ten years of their lives, they forgive his rash decision to leave his hometown. Then, a mutilated dead body is found in the forest by Nico. This arouses suspicion from the local police Captain.

Nico returns to the hospital as his mother is dying. Her last words to him are, “Find your father.” Nico is upset. He fights with Andrea and Alba. But when Andrea ends up brutally murdered later that night, the police Captain blames Nico. As Nico pleads his innocence, he discovers his father was a werewolf. Alba admits she has loved Nico since she left. Together they find a French professor who studies the anatomy of werewolves. He believes Nico’s father is still alive. Though Nico fears that he has werewolf blood too, with the help of Alba and Professor Moreau, he is determined to find his father, and prove that he isn't a murderer.

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