Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey

The movie ULYSSES has elements of Bruce Willis' THE FIFTH ELEMENT and Guillermo Del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTHE. Danny Glover stars with Udo Kier. The film is about Ulysses, a wounded and tormented soldier, who goes on a fantastic Odyssey in search for his lost wife from Taurus City into Hell, encountering psychedelic beauties, enchanting creatures and his own inner demons.

This intense, fantasy action adventure is based on Homer's Odyssey. Award-winning director Federico Alotto directs Danny Glover, Udo Kier, Anamaria Marinca and Andrea Zirio, in a modern version of the story of Ulyssey and his wife Penelope.

The movie is a brilliant blend of the ancient Greek classic, adding in the European sensibility and telling the story in a modern way.

Ulysses, a wounded military man returns from Middle‐East, carrying the signs of war on his body and in his soul. He tries to forget by using drugs. After being imprisoned for seven years, he escapes and returns home, where he discovers that his wife Penelope is being kept by Mr. Ocean (DANNY GLOVER), the underworld boss of Taurus City.

With Niko, Ulysses journeys into through Hell into the underworld to rescue his wife. In his psychedelic quest, he comes across surreal, terrifying and violent Popov as well as Aeo, “God of the winds," the enigmatic and beautiful transsexual Hermes, the charming mistress Cici, the seductive Kaly and finally Alcyde (UDO KIER) whom, knowing Ulysses' story, decides to help him find Penelope and finally feel whole again.