The Maid

The Maid is an emotionally intriguing romance about Jack, an angry and resentful boy, returning to England to celebrate his 18th birthday with his estranged father David. When Jack meets Maria, David's maid, who also is emotionally distant due to the abandonment of her only child, their friendship blossoms as they learn to love again and let go of the past, changing their lives forever.


As a young child, Jack's mother passed away. Jack wasn't accepted by his Stepmother, and so Jack's father David sent him to America to be raised by an Uncle. Returning to celebrate his 18th birthday, Jack is full or rage for his uncaring father. David is hoping that this reunion will salvage their fragile relationship. Arriving at his David's house, Jack is introduced to Maria, the beautiful and mysterious French older woman who is David's maid. Maria has her own emotional troubles due to the forced abandonment of her only child which ended in tragedy.

When David is called away on business, this incites Jack's rage further. When Maria learns about Jack's troubled life, she becomes emotionally attached to him. Jack also finds himself drawn to Maria. They share about their past and their friendship grows into one of love. Now these two learn to love and let go of the past, changing their lives forever. When David returns, Maria convinces Jack to make peace with him and in the process, she accepts her own family and their bad choices. The Maid is a story about love, family, and letting go of the painful memories that we carry around in our hearts.