The Little Traitor

Alfred Molina stars in this award-winning feature THE LITTLE TRAITOR and had a successful limited release theatrical run. The film was written and directed by Lynn Roth and focuses on a spirited and exceptionally intelligent twelve-year-old boy, who in 1947 (as Israel becomes a state) wants nothing more than for the occupying British to get out of his country Palestine. After a chance encounter with a British Officer, brilliantly portrayed by Alfred Molina, the young man, and the officer build a close friendship that changes their lives forever.




Based on the novel "Panther in the Basement" by the world-renowned author, Amos Oz, the movie THE LITTLE TRAITOR takes place in Palestine in 1947, just a few months before Israel becomes a state.

Proffy Liebowitz, (Ido Port) a militant yet sensitive twelve year old boy wants nothing more than for the occupying British to get out of his land. Proffy and his two friends spend most of their time plotting ways to terrorize and/or blow up the British until one evening, while he’s out after curfew, Proffy is seized by Sergeant Dunlop (Alfred Molina), a British officer.

Instead of arresting him, Sergeant Dunlop deposits Proffy back home but what ensues in the weeks to come is a friendship between these two foes. Since Proffy's own father is aloof and remote, he begins to look to Dunlop as a father figure. Dunlop, a lonely and poetic man, loves the spirited boy and they find lots to talk about in their meetings. Proffy must keep their friendship a secret from his friends and family. When Proffy’s friends follow him one day and see that he has been visiting the detested enemy, they report him to the town officials and Proffy is brought to "trial" for being a traitor.

Proffy is eventually found innocent but the experience of his relationship with Sergeant Dunlop changes him for life. It is the knowledge that any person could have genuine affection for the enemy which makes this film moving and triumphant.