Straight From The Hood

With the same intensity of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON and END OF WATCH, STRAIGHT FROM THE HOOD is a hard-hitting story about lifelong Black and Hispanic friends who become divided. Families conflict with racial tension within this intense inner-city drama depicting the lives of friends who become enemies within the gang subculture of Los Angeles. STRAIGHT FROM THE HOOD is a heartbreaking, a film about love, passion, and misled loyalty.

With racial tensions on the rise in the city of Angels, STRAIGHT FROM THE HOOD depicts similar socioeconomics as seen in BOYZ IN THE HOOD and MENACE TO SOCIETY, where loyalty and love are tested in a triangle between ethnicities.

Tension rises after young Hispanic Joey is pressured by his older brother, neighborhood shot caller, Creeper, to separate himself from his African American friend, Andre. Andre AKA Trigger is a street rapper trying to make it big like the Eminem character in 8MILE. The lifelong friendship between Joey and Andre is torn apart based on their skin color and the brotherhood of their family blood. In the midst of the conflicts with the neighborhood poverty, modern gentrification, and racism, Andre falls in love with Mia, a bi-racial girl, and Joey’s cousin. This only further distances himself from Joey, and Andre finds himself in a real life or death struggle between old friendship, loyalty and love.

After the betrayal of Joey’s brother, Creeper, and the rise and fall of Joey’s drug empire, which includes the bloodshed of many innocent victims, Joey and Andre’s hatred for each other peaks. The memory of their past friendship gives momentary hope, but the world around them is crumbling, and so the enemies collide in a final battle to see who conquers all. The aftermath of the Joey and Andre battle will transform the world around them.

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