Stones From The Desert

Using money collected from a summer of purse snatching at the local amusement park, three friends embark on a dream trip to the danger-filled Middle East. Simon, one of our heroes, is quick to fall in love with Duha, another man's wife. After the two lovers are caught kissing, Duha is sentenced to death by stoning. Simon and his friends are forced to make the toughest decision of their lives...leave the country and care only about themselves or do everything to save Duha from a horrible death sentence...Their lives will forever be changed.


In this action-adventure, brothers Simon and Pablo, and their friend Tyler are petty thieves who rob purses at European amusement parks. With their ill-gotten goods, they finance a dream trip to the Middle East.

During the journey, they run across Achmed dying in the desert from a snake bite. They load him into their RV and drive him to a hospital, saving his life. Achmed gratefully invites the boys back to his house for dinner. There, Simon meets Achmed's second wife, the young and beautiful Duha.

Duha is appreciative of Simon's affection, and tells the story of how her father owed Achmed a debt and so she was given to him to be his wife. Simon falls for Duha. Their first kiss is witnessed by others, and Achmed is informed of this infidelity. Simon is beaten unconscious by Achmed and his friends. Duha is imprisoned and sentenced to death by stoning.

Tyler and Pablo get Simon back to the RV. Tyler wants to leave the Middle East ASAP. Simon wants to save Duha. The boys argue all night. The next morning, Achmed and his friends lead Duha out to the desert to stone her to death. Simon has convinced Tyler and Pablo to embark on their craziest adventure yet, as they risk their lives to drive their RV into the heart of danger to try and save Duha from death.