Star Force 6

STARFORCE 6 is reminiscent of the fun and action of The Incredibles mixed with Ben 10. STARFORCE 6 is the story of six kids from the Planet Terra who are Earth's first superheroes. When Count Zenith's enemy spaceships attack the kids' escape vessel, it sends them through a hole in the space / time continuum to present-day Earth. With the opening of the hole come other aliens and monsters to attack Earth as well as the evil Venator who is Count Zenith's best bounty hunter. Now the Starforce 6 not only have to protect Earth, they have to find a way to return to Terra to save their parents.



Unknown to man there exists a planet similar to Earth on the far side of the universe called Terra. It was a beautiful and amazing place where magic, super heroes, aliens and monsters co-existed. But thanks to a diabolical tyrant named Count Zenith, Terra has become a dark and war-torn place.

The Starforce 6 Kids; Sam, Casey, Beth, Billy, Tosha and Paul were put on a transport vessel to escape to a safe haven. Count Zenith sent out his enemy ships, and the Kids' vessel was knocked off course, hurtling the Starforce 6 through a hole in the space/time continuum into our world. Since their space vessel opened up the hole, the most vile aliens and monsters in the universe now have access to Earth.

The StarForce 6 kids are a blessing and a curse to their new home planet. They must battle space aliens and monsters to keep our Earth safe as well as running from Count Zenith's number one bounty hunter, Venator. Venator's only mission is to capture the kids and transport them back to Terra so they can tell Count Zenith where their parents' rebel base is located.

Starforce 6 thought their biggest problems were left back home. Now they not only have to defend the Earth from alien threats, they must evade Venator and his monster henchmen, and still make it back to Terra to save their parents and their planet.