Somewhere Over That Rainbow

SOMEWHERE OVER THAT RAINBOW is a beautiful film from Australia, reminiscent of the hit movie CALL ME BY YOUR NAME where it’s revealed that not only is coming out hard, but once someone is out, life doesn’t get any easier. This intense, passionate, life-affirming feature follows the journey of six young Australians searching for acceptance and freedom as they announce their sexual orientation to friends and family.


“No matter who you are, if the things you want to change are worth changing, then you’ve already got that power.” In Australia, as well as around the world, marriage equality and same sex marriages are hot button issues. First time director Rhiannon Williams brings the audience into the world of six young men and women as they make the decision to come out and reveal who they truly are to the world. They not only have to battle with their own self-esteem and identity issues, but they must bare their souls to their inner circle, dealing with anger, frustration, resentments, prejudices and outright hatred.

SOMEWHERE OVER THAT RAINBOW brings the audience into the world of these young people struggling with revealing their true identities to the closest people in their lives. It is moving. Heart wrenching. And beautiful. This is a must-see film.

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