If you love zombie movies, you will love this film. Overtime, stars celebrity and professional wrestler, Al Snow, in this cross between Resident Evil and Big Trouble in Little China with some Pulp Fiction and From Dusk 'til Dawn thrown in. Raph and Max only kill bad guys. When Sam sends our heroes on a routine hit, they find themselves caught up in an alien-zombie conspiracy of epic proportions. But alien zombies are nothing compared to the wrath of Raph's wife if he doesn't make his son's birthday party. Being a good hit man is tough; being a good dad is a killer!



In this buddy action comedy, zombie movie, attorney Samantha Carter (Katie Stewart) gets bad criminals released. Of course, she is extremely well paid for this, and she in turn puts that money to good use, paying hit men Raph (Al Snow) and Max (John Wells) to take out these criminals.

Raph and Max may be hitmen, but first they are friends. They exchange casual banter and Max, the single one, is a welcome member of Raph's family. Unfortunately for Raph it's his son's birthday and Raph has to come up with an awesome present, a cake for the party and a clown, but only after Raph and Max kill a drug supplier.

As Raph and Max work to solve all of the birthday related problems, they also track their target to a warehouse/chemical laboratory. They enter the building not really knowing what to expect, but being attacked by zombies with nasty, infection-spreading stingers on their shoulders was definitely not it. The duo end up trapped with a group of scientists including Stephanie (Sebrina Siegel), Monica (Erica Goldsmith) and Greg (James Tackett). Greg it turns out is their target, but they can't just take him out; the chemical Greg has been adding to the drugs he is supplying is actually the cause of the zombie infestation in the lab. To make it worse, these aren't just any zombies; the source of the chemical is of extraterrestrial origin. That's right, they're zombie aliens!

So now Raph and Max have to figure out a way to stop the zombie aliens, or zaliens, from escaping the lab and spreading their infection to the entire world. The kicker is that they only have an hour to do it or they'll be late for Raph's son's party and that would be the end of his world.