Monsters Wanted

Like the documentary “Never Sleep Again” about the inspiration behind “Nightmare on Elm Street,” this fun and scary feature presents an in-depth look behind a terrifying haunted house attraction in Louisville. The filmmakers follow a family of dreamers from the inception of the scream park to the end of the haunted season. There's nothing more terrifying than following your dreams.



In early 2011, Rich Teachout quit his lucrative job to focus on creating a one-of-a-kind haunted attraction. He and his partner Janel dedicated every ounce of energy and dollar to making their “Asylum Haunted Scream Park” a reality. The documentary feature “Monsters Wanted” is the story of their self-proclaimed madness and the industry, culture, and people who share it. The filmmakers followed Rich and Janel’s efforts from the first day of building beyond the last day of the season. The result is a one-of-a-kind peek into an industry known for its macabre antics and well-guarded secrets.

Forgoing the standard documentary feel, “Monsters Wanted” truly gets into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to pull off the mammoth task of running a haunted house from the stress of hiring people for the attractions to the money issues and personality conflicts between the core group of owners. Rich leaves the corporate workplace to follow his dream and Janel is truly someone to behold as her emotions run the gamut of glee with a puppet to intense depression. Then there is one of the employees, the horrifying Chainsaw Pete. You can tell from the first time Pete comes on screen that he is the guy that fans of haunted houses will gravitate to. His personality is magnetic and he has the audience laughing throughout the film.

Located in the heart of southern Louisville, the Asylum Haunted Scream Park boasts four terrifying attractions at one scary location.  From the horrifying trail of Darkness Falls to the living horror movie Zombie City to the live-action shoot-em-up XTerminate, Asylum offers attractions for every family member.  It also has sideshow stage performances and the Carnivale of Lost Souls. “Monsters Wanted” delves into all details of this haunted house experience. From the monotonous day to day toll of building and staging the exhibits to hiring and casting the haunted house denizens. The documentary takes the audience from the crazy to the morbid to the extremely obsessed. It’s a fun ride from beginning to end.