Lantern Falls

An animated love letter of nostalgia to movies such as The Goonies, Monster Squad, The Lost Boys and Teen Wolf. In LANTERN FALLS, Vile Darq, an ancient evil presence, has returned from exile in a mystical lantern, and turned the small town into a massive haunted mansion, and all of its inhabitants into monsters.  Now our hero Dominic, who is a newly mutated wolf-boy and his creature friends, must rescue Lantern Falls from the evil Vile Darq, and turn the town back to normal.




Its 1988 and Dominic Bridges, 14, and mother Karina move to the small Pacific Northwest town of Lantern Falls after the death of Dominic’s father, Kevin. Dominic moves in with Karina’s Father, Willie “Choctaw” Taylor, or Grandpa Choc. Dominic makes fast friends with his neighbor and fellow video game enthusiast, Brandon “Bird” Lake.


Things change in Lantern Falls, when Corey Cameron, the local bully, stumbles across a mystical lantern deep within the abandoned mines beneath the city. Inside the lantern lives an ancient demon known as Vile Darq. This demon offers Corey wild powers, and Corey uses this power to twist reality, and crown himself the Vampire King. With his Street Pack following his every command, Corey changes Lantern Falls into a macabre, forever Halloween environment, and all of its inhabitants into Creatures, Ghouls, and the Undead.


Dominic finds that he has morphed into a Wolf Man or in his case, a Wolf Boy. Dominic’s new friends, Bird, Erin, and Frank, who each have undergone ghastly changes of their own, are the only individuals that realize the dark turn reality has taken. The group must decide between the benefits this new reality presents, such as the return of lost loved ones, and the knowledge that this new reality must be ended.


Upon gaining a foothold to manifest itself in our reality, Vile Darq imprisons Corey within the lantern. Now Dominic is charged with the daunting task of rescuing his rival Corey, saving lantern Falls and all of reality, and leaping head first into battle with Vile Darq. Does our hero Wolf Boy have the ability to save everyone in town?