Krusing America

KRUSING AMERICA - Winner of the INTERNATIONAL FAMILY FILM FESTIVAL (IFFF) for BEST Documentary Short Series and TRIPLE WINNER of the TELLY Awards - BEST Original Series / BEST Episode - Washington and People's Choice. KRUSING AMERICA is a family TV docu-series about an American hero without an American hometown. When lifetime military man Lt. Colonel Victor Krus and his family return to America, they are without a place to call home. KRUSING AMERICA follows the Krus family as they crisscross the country on a quest to find a town that they will love.

Winner of the 2016 World Documentary Platinum Award for BEST Director in a Documentary Short, Linda Kruse presents this multi-award winning series designed to touch the hearts of viewers, inspire a country and ignite the pride of its citizens.

KRUSING AMERICA offers a straight from the headlines twist on the classic story of coming home.



The multi-award winning family TV docu-series KRUSING AMERICA has won 40 awards in 6 months including World Documentary Award for Best Director, 3 TELLY Awards and "Filmmaker of the Year" for creator Linda Kruse. It has also earned the Highest DOVE Family Approval rating and has gained a steadily growing family-oriented fan following.

KRUSING AMERICA tells the oldest story known to man coming home but with a twist. Lt. Colonel Victor Krus is a decorated 20 year Army soldier who has spent most of his life living outside the United States defending a country he's never really lived in. This is not your typical travel series; KRUSING AMERICA follows the Krus family on a journey to find their "home, sweet home."

KRUSING AMERICA was created as a beautifully told, well-crafted TV series specifically designed with audience participation and built-in advertising opportunities in mind allowing this series to continue for years to come. The first season has 6 half-hour episodes completed in full HD with original music. Each episode features a different town in a different state, giving the viewers a never before seen look at small-town America, through the eyes of the Krus family and the people they meet along the way. Additional episodes will be added as KRUSING AMERICA receives hundreds of submissions each week from viewers who want to be the new family featured in Season Two. This series is designed to allow viewers to engage online and through social media during each episode allowing viewers to choose the next town /next stop /next episode and entice America to VOTE for the next season's KRUSING AMERICA family.