Kent and Kate

Young Kent fails miserably in his exams. He also lacks motor coordination skills. But he loves colors and fish and secretly has taught himself to play the piano. While his parents struggle to help Kent focus, his best friend Kate believes in him. When they both escape from school, Kent's parents and teachers search for him in a panic, but their magical journey takes Kent to a discovery of his dyslexia and his skills as a pianist.


Kent is an 8-year-old student in Uganda. He is very interested in things such as colors and fish, and he loves playing his toy piano at home. The other kids tease Kent because he's so unique. He lacks motor coordination skills and cannot even catch a ball coming at him from a distance. When the other kids are playing soccer, Kent is daydreaming about the colors of the grass, the trees, and the sky.

Kent also struggles at school. Last year, he was held back a grade because he failed miserably in his tests and exams. Both his parents work full time, and his mother feels that the father is more concerned with promotion at work than his son. Kent doesn't like the arguments at home that involve his welfare.

Kent's best friend is Kate. She is an orphan who blindly believes in Kent and his ability to excel, not only in school but in life. When Kent's parents are warned by the Principal that if Kent's grades don’t improve, he will be kicked out of school, it is reported that Kent and Kate are missing. They went on a grand adventure to return the biology class fish to a lake outside the city. With Kent's parents and the Principal searching desperately for Kent and Kate, a Math Teacher diagnoses Kent's tests as coming from a boy who is Dyslexic. After Kent and Kate are found safe, and he starts tutoring to correct his neurological disorder, the Math Teacher witnesses Kent playing the piano with wonderful skill. Kent goes from the verge of expulsion to being one of the most celebrated students in the school for his talents. The Adventures of K3NT & KAT3 is an inspirational journey of the power of friendship.