Friends of Atticus

FRIENDS OF ATTICUS is a sketch comedy series ala Portlandia. It is a Saturday Night Live for the millennials.   'Friends of Atticus' is a skit show (13x22) following three Aussie friends, Ruben, Kyle and Jake, as they take their absurdist, anarchic comedic edge to everything from friendship, life, pop culture, love and current events.   It is done within 24 hours, to stop a rogue Chinese satellite. Well, maybe not. It certainly is however funny, irreverent and fresh.




Harking back to the days of Monty Python and Benny Hill, 'Friends of Atticus' is a skit show for millennials. Friends of Atticus are a 5 man Comedy Team based out of Australia, creating skits, characters, cutaways and non-stop hilarity.


The 'Friends of Atticus' comedy sketch series looks at relationships, pop culture, modern day life and what it means to be friends with the enigmatic, mysterious Atticus.


Comprised of camera operators, editors, sound, lighting designers and Production Wizards Owen Smith and David Aponas, the dashing and magnetic actor Kyle McCallion, the hilarious and charming writer and actor Ruben Wilkinson and the boundlessly enthusiastic and optimistic Head Writer and Actor Jake Ashton, 'Friends of Atticus' has become the number one super smash hit comedy troupe that mix satire, slapstick, word play and absurdism to hilarious effect.


Whether they're winning division 86 in the lottery, opening a zoo, making a movie funded entirely by product placement, commentating on a date or helping a friend out who might be going to Hell, the "Friends of Atticus" boys will never fail to make you laugh, though they may fail to introduce you to Atticus...