Eyes of a Beginner

In this breathtakingly beautiful film, Clay Holman remembers the first thing his eyes have seen. Clay was born blind, but after undergoing groundbreaking eye surgery, Clay realizes how much there is to see in our world. His journey takes him through the vibrant streets of Japan, the coral reefs of Indonesia and the sprawling slums of India. During his search, he experiences love, grief, turmoil and wonder, finally ending up in Nepal, where his eyes behold the first sight he saw, the snow-capped Himalayas.



This inspiring, heartfelt adventure will take you on the most beautiful ride of your life!

Do you recall the first thing you ever saw? It's likely that no one does... except for Clay Holman. After receiving a groundbreaking surgery to cure a lifetime of blindness, Clay opens his eyes for the first time. An image comes into focus; it is a picture of a Himalayan mountain range. Clay embarks on a journey to find that very image. By having a beginner's eyes with an adult's mind, Clay sees the world in a beautiful light as he travels through Japan, entranced by its urban landscape and enlightened by its ancient religions. In the islands of Indonesia, Clay meets Jessica, a free-spirited American beauty. After falling in love with Jessica, he makes the heartbreaking decision to leave and continue his quest. Clay struggles through India where he is struck by the poverty and overcome by physical illness. Upon regaining his health, Clay finally reaches Nepal where he prepares to venture deep into the Himalayas on what will be the most challenging venture of his life.