Dry Cycle

If Tarantino was making a movie about babysitting, he would come up with DRY CYCLE.  Before sculptor (Samuel Ball) has to start his dreadful day job at a tire shop, he runs into a beautiful woman (Marisa Coughlan) and her baby as a laundromat. In an action-packed twist, the couple have to protect the baby and flee from a gun-wielding bounty hunter.


Like a twisted ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, the sun is setting in Azusa, California a s we are introduced to Dave, an artist, at the laundromat. He is fretting about paying the bills and the day job he has to take, and he’s especially concerned over his wife's ticking clock and her bad mood because of if, when Dave happens upon Ruby, a tempestuous gun-toting beauty on the run with Lloyd, a mean-looking baby on her arm.

Thus begins a series of capers that revolve around the helpless, yet, testy baby

Lloyd , a strapping town sheriff, a violence-loving bounty hunter and a snitching clown. All are involved in this rollercoaster rides of intrigue, an ever-twisting plot in a quest for ownership of the baby Lloyd. As Dave joins Ruby and her baby on the run, his angry and frustrated wife starts following the cop that is chasing them. In this violence, mad cap caper, this all-night journey ultimately provides all characters the solutions towards the lives they've been wanting. And Lloyd manages to get his clothes dry.