In the hoods of Los Angeles, nobody parties for free. Crew$ takes the audience into the real world of the fast and furious crowd.  Crew$ is a series about the underground party crew movement that swept the West Coast, as Latin teenagers launched an underage party movement that spread like wild fire, burning all those in its path especially the young founders who got rich quick from the girls, the booze and the dancing.




With the desperation of Boyz N The Hood and the intensity of One Tree Hill, Crew$ will introduce an unknown world of young Latino entrepreneurs who learn that a party is more than a celebration, it’s an opportunity to get rich.

As Bam Bam in Crew$ says, “We have something that is going to pull the crowd in… girls, booze and party life…that’s what we offer. I’m not a gang member, I’m a businessman. My English teacher said I was a second-class citizen. I make more money on a weekend then he does in a month. The crew life is about loyalty and strong relationships.”

Based on true events, Crew$ is a tale of the underground party crew movement that swept the West Coast. When underage partiers find themselves locked out of clubs but are willing to pay any price to party in peace, the need is met by teenage entrepreneurs.

Bam Bam is from a typical Los Angeles Latino family. His addicted father lives on the streets, his mother works two jobs, his brother makes money by any means, and his younger siblings struggle in middle school. Although Bam Bam has the entrepreneurial heart of Steve Jobs he is held back by social road blocks. When he and his boys decide to throw a party with booze, go go dancing and imagination, their crew makes a ton of money with their new found patrons asking for more. As Bam Bam’s crew blows up with money and influence, his newfound wealth and fame clash with his family, his friends, his teachers, and his rival crews. This is their story. The story of American ingenuity on the streets of Los Angeles. This is Crew$.