BLESSID is an award-winning supernatural thriller about Sarah, a suicidal pregnant woman with a cursed past, who forms a bond with her neighbor Jedediah. When Sarah discovers that Jedediah is immortal, she realizes that he has been shadowing her since childhood to save her from an unnatural and premature death.




In this supernatural thriller, Sarah Duncliffe battles suicidal thoughts and disturbing hallucinations of her deceased sister (a victim of a tragic childhood accident), an abusive ex-boyfriend who continues to stalk her, and the banal existence of an empty marriage. Weeks away from delivering a child that she feels undeserving to parent, Sarah accidentally meets her new neighbor Jebediah who harbors an amazing life secret. He is immortal, and a guardian angel who saves troubled people from ending their lives prematurely.

Emboldened by curiosity, Sarah sneaks into Jebediah's yard - only to be locked inside a greenhouse. After she breaks a glass pane to escape, she cuts herself and faints. Sarah wakes and learns her neighbor had treated her wound with a strange herbal ointment. It is almost magical. Sarah and Jebediah form a fast friendship and when Sarah sneaks a look into his picture scrapbook, she discovers an amazing secret. He's the same age in nearly every picture - pictures that span decades!

Jebediah reveals he is over two thousand years old - a drifter with amazing life experiences. He warns Sarah that she and her unborn child are in peril, and now she must harness all her power to fight through her emotional baggage in the battle to save herself and her child. During this journey, Jebediah reveals to Sarah how beautiful life can be when one realizes that forgiveness begins within. Sarah is amazed to learn that Jebediah works alongside other immortals as they travel the earth to save the troubled