Black Alpha

Step aside Iron Man and Captain America and say hello to BLACK ALPHA the new superhero TV series from former Marvel Comics artist Tom Rasch. With a touch of BATMAN and a sprinkle of STAR WARS we get BLACK ALPHA. Tranden Antares is a young man who becomes a reluctant hero on a journey of self-discovery in a galaxy filled with strange aliens, forgotten planets, vicious space pirates and fantastic technology.

BLACK ALPHA is comic book series that is currently published online by USA Today as part of the Arch Enemy comic book imprint. BLACK ALPHA, created by Tom Rasch, a former Marvel Comics artist, has received both positive reviews and critical acclaim from fans looking for a new superhero. BLACK ALPHA is coming soon as an exciting 26 x 30 min animated TV series that will appeal to sci-fi and superhero fans of all ages.



For centuries the CARATIA STAR SYSTEMS have been protected by the GUARDSMEN, elite warriors bonded with advanced, living armor that grants them fantastic powers. When our story begins, the Guardsmen are a shadow of what they once were, and their forces have been scattered, leaving the planets of the FRINGE TERRITORIES overrun by crime and chaos.

TRANDEN ANTARES is a headstrong teenager living in the Fringe who dreams of one day becoming a Guardsman, the protectors of the Caratia Star System. But when his colony is wiped out by the ruthless alien crime lord TUL-BRAK, Tranden's dreams are shattered and he must escape.

As a fugitive, Tranden discovers the armor, ship and decade-old remains of a legendary Guardsman known as BLACK ALPHA along with his wisecracking Artificial Intelligent sidekick. Tranden now has the means to fly back across the galaxy to gain his revenge on Tul-Brak. As he assumes the Black Armour name and powers, Tranden sets out in his search for the evil Tul-Brak. Along the way, he will use his newly found superpowers to fight crime and chaos as he battles against all the evil forces of the Galaxy