Apollo Rex

Apollo Rex is an epic journey. Like the infamous STAR TREK it is a television series that takes the audience with our hero throughout the galaxy in search of the Twisting Void and the Scrolls of Tripitaka Tang. It is a battle of good versus evil, a modern day STAR WARS, where heroes try to overcome the forces of Darkness. If Apollo Rex as Sun Wukong and his team obtain the Scrolls before the evil Coyote and the Red Dragon Queen, Order will rule the Universe. If the Agents of Chaos reach the Twisting Void first, humanity will cease to exist.


In Season One, Apollo Rex will not only discover his powers as Sun Wukong (the Monkey King) but he will find the tools of discovery that will unlock secrets of the Universe as well as the powers within his soul. Apollo will learn to believe his destiny is to be the Chosen One as Neo did in THE MATRIX and that only he can save the Universe. He is a superhero born to save mankind from complete destruction.


Even a superhero needs a team to help him on his quest. In the first Season, Apollo Rex will battle many powerful aliens and enemies, all part of the Dark Forces of Coyote and The Red Dragon Queen. While he battles these Agents of Chaos, he will put the pieces of his team together: clumsy Randall, his pilot and childhood friend; Ethan, the intelligent diplomat; Proteus, the muscle; the beautiful and clever Princess Amaris; the mysterious Princess Angelica; and the wise master Mozoosa. Together, Apollo Rex and his compatriots have the power to defy their enemies as they journey throughout space to find the Twisting Void and the ancient Scrolls of Tripitaka Tang.