American Lions

AMERICAN LIONS is a modern day GOODFELLAS set in Miami about Rudy, a young father and aspiring mob enforcer, who befriends a veteran member of his uncle's crew only to find himself caught in a violent plot to take over the city.



In the mafia tradition of THE GODFATHER, set in Miami like the infamous SCARFACE, the film follows Rudy who has had a rough life growing up in South Florida after his parents died. Fortunately, his gangster Uncle Joe has always been there to guide him in a town overrun by warring criminal syndicates. When Rudy finds himself unable to provide for his girlfriend and new baby, Joe offers him a position working with his enforcers.

The other members of his Uncle Joe’s team; a violent ex-marine and a bodybuilding security expert, befriend Rudy as he learns how to be a gangster in modern day America.

Things are going well until Rudy robs a local politician and major criminal on the same night that a mysterious and valuable bag goes missing. Suddenly police, mobsters, federal agents and a rival criminal faction descends upon the city and Rudy is caught in the crossfire.

Against a backdrop of a city at war with itself, Rudy and his Uncle Joe find themselves in a game of survival where the lines of loyalty are blurred and the definition of family is questioned.