Adventures in Paradise

LIVE THE DREAM with Adventures in Paradise. This fun reality show is Survivor meets Jacques Cousteau meets Baywatch, a ocean-based drama that will introduce views to our magical undersea world as contestants put their ocean sport training to the test in this skill-based survivor format.




Cue David Bowie's "Under Pressure."


Expert scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts will take the plunge and compete against one another in a quest to master deep sea diving. Adventures in Paradise will explore the fascinating world that Jacque Cousteau made us fall in love with, a magical world under water. The contestant will be up against the elements, science, natural predators, and fellow man.


The series is cast for chemistry, so when then cast is above water, there will be drama and controversy and emotion, especially as they have to manage living in a a floating island together (an exotic barge). Their lives will be in a virtual aquarium. With the pressure and emotions and conflicting agendas, contestants will definitely "walk the plank" to get out of the game.


The format is a 35 day reality show based on seaside adventures featuring certified Divemaster scuba divers. Contestants will test their training and wit as they are put under pressure, tasked, and then given unforeseen disadvantages to see if they have what it takes to meet the underwater challenges.  Season One will take place in the beautiful Bahamas. Divers will be briefed daily on upcoming challenges.  Important details causing interesting twists and turns will be left to the last minute, causing contestants to scramble and react quickly.


The creator of Adventures in Paradise is Richard Whitehead a PADI Certified IDC Instructor with decades of experience. All challenges meet Recreational Open Water Scuba Diver Certified Standards. The challenges are made to look dangerous but will be within industry acceptable limits and will have Safety Divers in the water at all times.