Abbie Rose

Abbie Rose & the Magic Suitcase is a series of books targeted at children between 2 and 8 years old - ideal for parents to read to their kids or for emerging readers to develop a love for reading. The eco-series exposes its young readers and listeners to new destinations and environmental themes, expanding their imagination, creativity, knowledge and understanding of the world around them.




Our protagonist, Abbie Rose, is an engaging, inquisitive, adventurous, irreverent and occasionally cheeky girl who travels to faraway places through the help of a magic suitcase. Before each journey, Abbie Rose listens excitedly to her father recount his latest assignment as a globe - trotting travel writer. She wants to emulate his exploits (the series discreetly underscores the importance of a close relationship between a present, enthusiastic daddy, and his daughter) - so the father encourages her to use his magic suitcase!

A unique portal, the magic suitcase has a combination lock filled with letters - rather than numbers - and Abbie Rose must find the right letters to form the names of destinations she wishes to visit. She can go anywhere. She is limited only by her imagination.

On her journeys, she always takes her best friend Billy - a rainbow-colored, indeterminate cuddly toy - who provides the voice of reason on their madcap travels.

Abbie Rose is impetuous, gung-ho and free - spirited. Billy is cautious, sensible and knowledgeable - a wise head on a multi-coloured teddy bear's shoulders. Their banter and occasional disagreements often provide the comedy in the series. They learn from each other, sometimes save each other, but always need each other.