Global Genesis Group Releases Award-Winning Refugee Documentary "Lessons of Basketball and War" on Amazon Prime

Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2016 -- Global Genesis Group is excited to announce that their award-winning documentary "Lessons of Basketball and War" will have its Worldwide premiere on Amazon Prime on July 29, 2016. The documentary about the unique challenges facing refugee Somali teens adjusting to life in America recently won the International Award of Excellence at the International Film Festival of Peace, Inspiration and Equality in Jakarta Indonesia. Lessons of Basketball and War tackles the issues of violence, prejudice, bullying, cultural identity and conflict resolution as seen through the eyes of these refugee girls who have resettled in Oregon. The film offers a unique perspective on the hopes and dreams of these teenage girls while they struggle with a new culture and a new home while still having to live by ancient traditions.

After festival audiences watched the movie, they have been quoted as saying it's "an honest, unflinching and ultimately up-lifting story that deserves a wide audience" and it's "an elegantly simple documentary - beautifully constructed and lovingly created." The Orlando Weekly said in its review of the film, "This inspiring rookie story will have you cheering on the girls as they struggle to overcome the tension… this movie can't help but warm your heart."

Ron Bourke, the acclaimed writer and director, stated, "I'm thrilled to have Lessons of Basketball and War represented by Global Genesis Group! Their deep understanding of film and television distribution along with creative marketing efforts are a great match for my film. But what really sold me on the company was the intense personal interest they had in our story of young African refugees. Global Genesis 'gets' the film and is determined to help me to share it with the world."

Charles Morris Jr., VP of Development & Acquisitions for GGG, added, "This is a must-watch film experience especially in these times as countries around the world are marked by tensions due to an influx of refugees. This film takes an entertaining and informative look at the experiences of these refugee girls from the previous war in Somalia. It is moving, it is emotional, and Ron Barnes brings you up close and personal with these African immigrants as they try to adapt to this foreign country as well as trying to be high school girls in our American culture. Kevin Bacon, the principal of the school, who is also the basketball coach, is a true American hero. He took these scared, intimidated girls and forged them into a team which made their transition to high school that much easier."

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