Global Genesis Group Finds a Horrific Found Footage Film in Italy

Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2017 -- Global Genesis Group is excited to announce their acquisition of the award-winning THE SPIRIT CHASER, one of the scariest movies of 2017, directed by Italian Federico Alotto. The horror feature was acquired for worldwide distribution by USA based Global Genesis Group LLC, and will make it's film market debut in Berlin (EFM). THE SPIRIT CHASER is set in Northern Italy's most spellbinding locations. British Dylan buys a camera to record his girlfriend Elena on their vacation. Dylan's friend Mike loses a big bet, but Mike can get his money back if he stays 24 hours in the haunted woods, where thirty years ago a terrible murder happened. Dylan goes with Mike to record his efforts, but instead they discover the twisted murderer and their night becomes a living nightmare.

The acclaimed director, Federico Alotto, stated, "Years ago I became fascinated by a local legend of my hometown area, near Turin, Italy. Frightened whispers had circulated for generations that the last witch in all of Europe had been killed in those woods in the 1800's. I began imagining how terrific a Blair Witch-esque project would be in my own native stomping ground. With my producing partner, Andrea Zirio, we secured financing, and scribbled down the screenplay. The unique thing about this film, besides it being based on a documented true story about criminal psychologist Dr.Cesare Lombroso, is that we filmed it in locations that are believed to actually be certifiably haunted."

Director Alotto further commented on the film's upcoming release, "Teaming up with GGG has been phenomenal! The Global Genesis Group team is off the charts wonderful--hard working and masters at what they do. Partnering with these guys is an honor and I can't wait to see what else the future holds for us! We are planning to put together a brand new coproduction, joining forces in creation and production—and that would make me one very happy director."

Charles Morris Jr., V.P. of Development and Acquisitions for Global Genesis Group, stated, "Because of the last few horror pictures we've produced, we've gotten tons of submissions lately for distribution, especially in the horror genre. When I saw the trailer for THE SPIRIT CHASERS, I immediately contacted Federico for the screener. The next day, our whole team had watched it, and though we were horrified by one of the scariest movies we had ever seen, we were good enough filmmakers to know we had to partner with Federico and Andrea, and not only bring THE SPIRIT CHASER to the world, but to start discussions about a coproduction between our companies. By the end of 2017, we plan on seeing THE SPIRIT CHASERS on everyone's Top Ten list of scariest movies of the year."

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