Global Genesis Group Finds a Gem in World Traveling Reality Show Exotic Wishes

Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2017 -- EXOTIC WISHES, the beautiful reality/ docu-series that takes audiences to the farthest places of the Earth, was acquired for production and worldwide distribution by US based Global Genesis Group LLC.

If PAWN STARS traveled the world, EXOTIC WISHES would be that show. This is a fun, adventurous series about a shop in Los Angeles of exotic artifacts where the rich and famous place their orders to buy rare items from the farthest places on the planet. Then the show follows three buyers as they are sent out around the world to attempt to find those rare items, following their adventures to such places as bedouin camps in the Sahara Desert, the Temple of Rats in Rajasthan, India and to the Kingdom of Women at Lugo Lake in China. Global Genesis Group will bring their acumen of production and worldwide distribution to maximize KRUSING AMERICA's brand recognition.

Polish Director/Creator Maciej Paweczyk stated, "Inbornmedia is devoted to producing original TV series. For the past few years we have travelled to Africa, Asia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Russian Far East to produce 50 episodes of a successful travel series. However, we have been missing the adrenaline and adventure of our productions. That's how we discovered the innovative idea of Exotic Wishes - a hybrid show that combines reality and travel in one."

Charles Morris Jr., VP of Development of Acquisitions, said, "This is one of the most exciting TV series that Global Genesis Group has signed to produce and distribute. With the charm of AMERICAN PICKERS, the show EXOTIC WISHES will take the audience on a globetrotting adventure to fine the rarest items from the farthest places on the globe. We met Maciej, the creator, in Cannes last October, and we were so enthusiastic about his experience in television and his passion to take the audience on a trip around the world. It's great to imagine that we will be showcasing obscure locations that 99% percent of the people in the world will never visit themselves."

Director Paweczyk further added, "We premiered EXOTIC WISHES at MipCom, and we received very good feedback from various companies but we especially liked the energy coming from Global Genesis Group, because they are filmmakers themselves, and they were extremely passionate about the TV series. We are planning to start the adventures soon, and are very ready to take the audience to inaccessible places in the world where the most unique art is made by real craftsmen."

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