• The Plan

    The Plan

    THE PLAN is PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in an Italian castle. Five college friends travel to a reunion in a castle. The local legend says the queen of the castle, Johanna of…


  • Do You See Me

    Do You See Me

    If THE STRANGERS scared you, DO YOU SEE ME will terrify you. DO YOU SEE ME takes everyday horror to a new level. Four days before Halloween, Emily, a successful…


  • Evidence


    EVIDENCE has the tension of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and the action of CLOVERFIELD, taking the audience on a rollercoaster ride of fear documented in found footage that was recently re-mastered. EVIDENCE…


  • Blessid


    BLESSID is an award-winning supernatural thriller about Sarah, a suicidal pregnant woman with a cursed past, who forms a bond with her neighbor Jedediah. When Sarah discovers that Jedediah is…