Little Hero

LITTLE HERO is about a young boy's quest to save his father from an ancient monster. With his cousin Raney alongside, Mateo must find six Ancient Knights who carry amulets that will give Mateo the power to battle the evil Asura and save his father and friends in the village.


American Lions

AMERICAN LIONS is a modern day GOODFELLAS set in Miami about Rudy, a young father and aspiring mob enforcer, who befriends a veteran member of his uncle's crew only to find himself caught in a violent plot to take over the city.


Yesterday's Girl

In a dystopian future world setting like HUNGER GAMES, Yesterdays Girl is a SciFi Thriller that tells the story of a murdered woman who awakens to an Earth devastated by a meteorite. Though she remembers her own death, she is pursued by a terrifying adversary through plague, destruction and madness as she searches for why she is still alive and what this new world is.


Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey

The movie ULYSSES has elements of Bruce Willis' THE FIFTH ELEMENT and Guillermo Del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTHE. Danny Glover stars with Udo Kier. The film is about Ulysses, a wounded and tormented soldier, who goes on a fantastic Odyssey in search for his lost wife from Taurus City into Hell, encountering psychedelic beauties, enchanting creatures and his own inner demons.



With the magical tone of Robin William’s HOOK, the movie FLEA takes on the hard subject of children from dysfunctional families with a storybook feel. Flea is a mysteriously mute, young boy who runs away from an abusive home to join a tribe led by a Shaman living on the outskirts of society, where he’s immediately thrust into danger and must fight to discover his own inner powers.


The 5th Dimension

The 5th DIMENSION is 2018's SciFi PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Doctoral physicist students arrive at Montauk Air Force Base to prove time travel theories by Tesla, and uncover CIA experiments like MK Ultra. The group disappears one by one as they discover the answers in the darkness are more horrific and terrifying than they ever imagined.



In the vein of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Brave One with Jodie Foster, Revenge is the hot female vengeance film of 2017. Anna is drugged and raped after a night of drinking. She decides to find her rapist by picking up men at bars, getting intimate, and using her extreme sense of smell to decipher who her attacker was. As her need for revenge rises, and as she gets closer to discovering her rapist, Anna’s life is put in grave danger. How far she will go for vengeance?

ThePlan_Final (1)

The Plan

THE PLAN is PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in an Italian castle. Five college friends travel to a reunion in a castle. The local legend says the queen of the castle, Johanna of Anjou, was blamed for the local drought and famine. Before she was hung by the villagers, she placed a curse in her journal then killed herself. One night when drunk, the group enters the forbidden room where Joanna died. There, they find her journal. The spirit of Joanna returns, and her thirst for revenge is horrific.


Loves Park

Reminiscent of John Krasinki’s AWAY WE GO, Edie is newly married and newly pregnant when her father-in-law abruptly passes away. Edie and her husband return to Loves Park for the funeral. Edie’s husband then decides to take over his dad’s business, causing the couple to drift apart.

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